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ABOUT US - Our Network and Affiliates
As PCIM grows, it will expand its network of immigration and migration-related sites and organizations. Beyond electronic linkages and references to historic places or organizations with similar goals, PCIM wishes to create more formal, direct relationships with related organizations to develop joint programs and/or projects and to share archival information. Additionally, partnerships with subject matter experts are being forged to create an advisory board for content and program review. Outreach to local and regional community organizations, schools, and government agencies will be an integral part of PCIM's development strategy.

National Park Service

The National Park Service (NPS) has been an active partner in the founding and development of the Pacific Coast Immigration Museum. Under NPS leadership a team of planners and subject matter experts was brought together to help define and build our organization. NPS has also been the conduit for, and administrator of, Federal funds that were authorized by Congress for the PCIM feasibility studies. The NPS will continue as a partner of PCIM through its network of immigration and migration-related park sites and with technical and program assistance.

Congress Initiation and Support

Senator Daniel Akaka (D-Hawaii) and other supporting members of Congress such as Nancy Pelosi (D-California), Barbara Boxer (D-California), Dianne Feinstein (D-California), Daniel K. Inouye (D-Hawaii), and the Washington and Oregon delegations, were pivotal in the creation of the Pacific Coast Immigration Museum. In 1998, Senator Akaka authored a bill providing funds for the National Park Service to study the feasibility of preserving and interpreting immigration-related sites within the Golden Gate National Recreation Area, development of appropriate visitor facilities and programs, and partnerships with public and private entities to further these initiatives. That study led to the creation of PCIM and the development of the near-term virtual museum and long term bricks and mortar museum concept.

Other Organizations

PCIM has engaged a number of organizations and experts in workshops and focus groups to gauge interest and potential for the network. Some of these organizations/experts include:
National Network for Immigrant and Refuge Rights, ACLU Immigrant Rights Project, Angel Island Immigration Station Foundation, South San Francisco Unified School District, Alameda Office of Education, Oakland Museum of California, Magnes Museum, Mexican Museum, Autry Museum, Dr. Kevin Starr, Professor Roger Daniels, Professor Ronald Takaki, and author Lisa See.
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