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Research & Policy Institutes, Universities

The following are a list of institutions and universities who focus on issues of migration and immigration. To find out more about their programs, current research, activities and events, please click on the web links provided below.


Center for Migration Studies - facilitates the study of sociodemographic, historical, economic, political, legislative and pastoral aspects of human migration and refugee movements. Generates and facilitates dissemination of new knowledge and the fostering of effective policies.

Migration Policy Institute - an independent, non-partisan, non-profit think tank dedicated to the study of the movement of people worldwide. A leading source of analysis on migration and refugee issues, bridging the worlds of research and policy-making to bring an informed and independent voice to US and international policy debates.

Pacific Council on International Policy - a western partner of the Council on Foreign Relations. An independent, non-partisan, membership organization headquartered at University of Southern California. Facilitates ongoing dialogue among leaders from business, government, the media, labor, non-governmental organizations, education, law, and science and technology to exchange ideas and develop policy recommendations on economic, social and political issues with important regional and international implications.

Pew Hispanic Center - a nonpartisan research organization supported by The Pew Charitable Trusts whose mission is to improve understanding of the U.S. Hispanic population and to chronicle Latinos' growing impact on the entire nation. Their mission is to improve understanding of Latino communities through non-partisan research. The Center conducts surveys and basic research and disseminates its own findings as well as important research conducted elsewhere through published reports, conferences, and its web site.

Tomas Rivera Policy Institute at USC (TRPI) - a nonprofit research organization advancing critical, insightful thinking on key issues affecting Latino communities through objective, policy-relevant research and its implications for the betterment of the nation. Policy institute on Latino issues through its capacity to conduct sound primary and secondary research.

The Urban Institute - a nonpartisan economic and social policy research organization that hosts a set of policy centers, the UI analyzes policies, evaluates programs, and informs community development to improve social, civic, and economic well-being. Shares research findings with policymakers, program administrators, business, academics, and the public online and through reports and scholarly books.
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Asians in the Americas Working Group - at UCLA is one of the nation's oldest programs in Asian American Studies. Core programs in research, teaching, and publications; library and archival collections; joint university community research projects; and in public educational activities.

Center for Comparative Immigration Studies (CCIS) - a research center at UC San Diego, conducts basic and policy-oriented research on international migration and refugee flows throughout the world. Through a global network of research associates, a publications program, and media information, CCIS disseminates the results of academic research to a broad array of users through online resources.

Center for Iberian and Latin American Studies (CILAS) - at UC San Diego, CILAS emphasizes interdisciplinary and comparative approaches to research on Latin America. CILAS regularly hosts visiting scholars from Asia, Europe, and South America. Its major current initiative is the Project on Latin America and the Pacific Rim.

Center for Migration and Development (CMD) - at Princeton University, promotes scholarship, original research, and intellectual exchange with an interest in international migration and national development. Particular interest in the relationship between immigrant communities in the developed world and the growth and development prospects of the sending nations. Center's data archive and working papers provide readily available resources based on recent research conducted there.

Center for U.S.-Mexican Studies - at UC San Diego, is the largest U.S. program devoted to the study of Mexico and U.S.-Mexican relations. Finds new ways to address old problems by sponsoring major, collaborative research programs in democratic governance, sustainable development and environmental studies, regional integration, migration, and community empowerment.

Immigration History Research Center - at the University of Minnesota is an international resource on American immigration and ethnic history. The IHRC develops and maintains a library and archival collection, provides research assistance, produces publications, and sponsors academic and public programs.

Immigration Studies at NYU - devoted to the scholarly study of immigration with a focus on children, youth and families. Promotes comparative and interdisciplinary research. Activities include research projects, lectures, publications, and other media.

University of San Francisco Center for the Pacific Rim - promotes understanding, communication, and cooperation among the nations, peoples, and economies of the Pacific Rim. Since its founding in 1988 the Center has been at the forefront of public education about the Pacific Rim in the San Francisco Bay Area. The Center presents timely seminars, lectures, and international conferences on a wide range of Asia-related subjects.
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Education Resources, Current Research, Historic Documents

The following organizations and/or web sites provide online resources - such as historic photographs, documents, resources for teachers and researchers on immigration and migration topics - as well as links to other related archives and repositories.


Digital History - committed to providing high-quality historical resources for teachers and students for free and without advertising. Types of resources include first voice accounts, maps, chronology of events tied to immigration, resource guides for teachers and researchers arranged by topic and time period, lesson plans and learning modules. Mintz, S. (2003). Digital History. Retrieved January 2006.

Federal Resources for Educational Excellence (FREE) - easy to find learning resources from more than 35 federal organizations. Resources for teachers, parents, and students include teaching ideas, learning activities, photos, maps, primary documents, data, paintings, sound recordings, and more on thousands of topics. Includes Gateway to Educational Materials, offering more than 40,000 lessons and instructional resources from more than 400 organizations.

Library of Congress, American Memory - a digital record of American history and creativity. Provides free and open access through the Internet to written and spoken words, sound recordings, still and moving images, prints, maps, and sheet music that document the American experience. Materials from the collections of the Library of Congress and other institutions chronicle historical events, people, places, and ideas that continue to shape America, serving the public as a resource for education and lifelong learning.

The Learning Page includes immigration and migration resources for teachers, students, and researchers including lesson plans and interactive materials.

Peopling North America: Population Movements and Migration - historical overview of migratory movements, this tutorial focuses on diasporas to and within Canada, the United States, Mexico, and the Caribbean from Europe, Asia, and Africa. Examines the demographic, economic, cultural, and political nature of major movements, as well as their growth and development, regional and global causes, and their impact.

Smithsonian Institution - National Museum of American History, Behring Center
Current Exhibit - "America on the Move" - focuses on the role of transportation in America's history with a sub-theme on Immigration and Migration. Under the Exhibition section are exhibits about "Delivering the Goods," "People on the Move," "Crossing the Country," have specific migration and immigration stories that relate to the Pacific Coast. The site also incorporates virtual exhibits, interactive games and learning resources.

In addition, the Smithsonian Institution's American Immigration History Resources provides internet link to other sites with related resource information.
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Migration Information Source - a project of the Migratory Policy Institute to provide thoughts and authoritative data from numerous global organizations and governments, and global analysis of international migration and refugee trends. An online resource offering vital data and essential facts on the movement of people worldwide.

U.S. Immigration Statistics by County -

Interactive map - provides state-by-state data on foreign-born populations from both the 1990 and 2000 censuses.
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California Heritage Digital Image Access Project - an online archive of more than 30,000 images illustrating California's history and culture, from collections of the Bancroft Library at the University of California, Berkeley. Selected from nearly two hundred individual collections, this unique resource uses the latest online archiving techniques to highlight the rich themes of California's history.

In Motion: The African-American Migration Experience - through images, maps, narratives and music, the exhibition presents, chronicles, and interprets the migratory movements that have formed and transformed the African-American community and the nation in the last century. The site makes accessible to the general public more than 16,500 pages of essays, books, articles, and manuscripts, 8,300 illustrations, 100 lesson plans, and 60 maps that will help users understand the peoples, places, and the events that have shaped African America's migration traditions of the past four hundred years.

Online Archive of California - brings together historical materials from a variety of California institutions, including museums, historical societies, and archives. Over 120,000 images; 50,000 pages of documents, letters, and oral histories; and 8,000 guides to collections are available. Easy-to-use search and viewing tools; images organized into thematic and institutional collections, such as historical topics, nature, places, and technology.

Wisconsin Historical Society - a web resource on early American history contains more than 18,000 pages of eyewitness accounts of North American exploration. Read the words of explorers, Indians, missionaries, traders, and settlers as they lived through the founding moments of American history. View, search, print, or download more than 150 rare books, original manuscripts, and classic travel narratives from the library and archives.
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